Get to know our Spokane County Program Quality Manager, Ben Baird.

Meet our Spokane County Program Quality Manager, Ben Baird. Since 2004, Ben has been passionate about serving young people in rural communities and believes that all youth should have access to high quality outdoor experiences. Our organization is thrilled to have him on our team as we continue to grow our work across the state.  Please share your journey into youth development Long story alert! As a kid growing up in Spokane I attended tons of different programs, camps, and enrichment opportunities in the area. I attended art programs at the museum, recreation programs at the local parks, writing camps … [ ]

Celebrating Sheely Mauck

Critical thinker Curious Resourceful Thought provoker Growth & reflection-oriented Thoughtful Mentor These are some of the words used to describe Sheely Mauck by her team at SOWA. For the last 12 years, Sheely has played a key role in shaping the work, reach, and values of School’s Out Washington—a legacy that includes helping build an equitable expanded learning system across the state. Most recently, Sheely has co-led our Program Quality team, guiding SOWA’s training content, professional learning pedagogy, and program quality approach. Sheely’s youth development foundation was formed by nearly ten years at the Boys & Girls Club, both as … [ ]

Get to know our Pierce County Program Quality Manager, Sergio Beltran.

Throughout his career, Sergio always aims to be an empathic leader who builds relationships, community and centers his work in social justice and equity. Our organization is thrilled to have him on our team as we continue to grow our work across the state. In this Team Spotlight, Sergio shares how his role is helping to ensure equitable access to trainings, professional development and funding in Pierce County. Please share your journey into youth development I started my journey into the youth development field in 2010 during an internship I did for a sociology class. I was on Tacoma’s Juvenile … [ ]

Welcome to the team, Carlee!

We are thrilled to welcome Carlee Hoover to our team as the new Training & Development Specialist. Carlee (she/her) has always had a passion and a desire to lead, teach, and invest in others. Since 2013, she has served youth throughout King County in support, leadership, and strategic roles. She believes that learning and growth are best accomplished when done in partnership with others. As a facilitator she seeks to foster environments that guide participants through a meaningful and engaged learning journey, one that values bravery, curiosity and personal growth. She is constantly humbled and grateful for the opportunities to be … [ ]

Our program quality team is growing! Meet Kimmy, Sergio, and Valerie.

Since 2008, School’s Out Washington has led the effort to build and sustain a quality improvement system for expanded learning programs in Washington state. It is at the heart of all we do. As our work continues to grow, our team does too! We are thrilled to introduce our two new Program Quality Administrative Assistants and our new Pierce County Program Quality Manager.

5 things you can do today to support LGBTQ youth

For LGBTQ folks, June is an important month of celebration and awareness. While commemorating the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York, Pride also serves as a reminder of the fearless existence of LGBTQ people. Though often a joyful occasion, the everyday lived reality of many LGBTQ people—especially those with multiple intersecting marginalized identities—cannot be overlooked. This year alone more than 250 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in states across the country, many of which directly affect young people. In 2020 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the national Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance report showing that LGBTQ students … [ ]