Scott Caldwell, President

Head of Development Services (retired), Group Health


Scott led a great team of educators and consultant/coaches at Group Health in developing effective, ethical organizational leaders and building strong, healthy teams.

Earlier in his career, he helped found and manage Seattle’s first professional multi-cultural theater company—one of his proudest accomplishments. He values solving problems “upstream,” as close to the source as possible, working to prevent them rather than wait to solve them once they appear.


Amber Ortiz-Diaz, Vice President

Program Officer, Yakima Valley Community Foundation


Amber works as Program Officer at the Yakima Valley Community Foundation. In her role, she works directly with the grants team, local nonprofits and leads their Youth Leadership Council where she facilitates conversation centered around Youth Philanthropy. Before joining the foundation, she served as the director of two college access programs Act Six and Ready to Rise. This is where she first got introduced to SOWA. Amber is inspired by the work that SOWA is doing for youth programming around the state. She appreciates SOWA’S commitment to racial equity and believes that SOWA is a bridge builder to many. She is honored to serve on the board and continue to support quality afterschool efforts.

Rowena Pineda, Secretary

Environmental Justice Advisor, Washington State Department of Health

Nicole Yohalem, Treasurer

Director of Knowledge Management, Casey Family Programs


Nicole works as director of knowledge management at Casey Family Programs, identifying and disseminating best practices related to improving and ultimately preventing foster care. She has worked in a variety of other roles in the education and youth development fields locally and nationally, most recently at the Community Center for Education Results where she focused on reconnecting 16- to 24-year-olds to education and career pathways. At the Forum for Youth Investment her work centered on youth engagement, research-practice partnerships, building expanded learning systems and improving youth program quality.

Nicole is inspired by efforts to increase equitable access to informal learning environments and sees SOWA as a critical system builder.

Jody Rosentswieg

Director of Grants, Bezos Family Foundation


Jody helps advance the Bezos Family Foundation’s efforts to ensure all children and youth—birth through high school—have meaningful opportunities to develop their passion and purpose, reach their full potential, and contribute to their communities. In her previous role at the Raikes Foundation, she led a statewide effort to strengthen the quality of afterschool programs and support a national education strategy to build students’ academic mindsets.

SOWA was a key partner in developing and expanding Washington’s commitment to quality out-of-school time programs, and that partnership spurred Jody’s appreciation for SOWA’s role as a statewide intermediary. She is honored to now serve on SOWA’s board.

Mustafa Bulale

K-12 Program Advisor, City of Seattle

Luis Gomez

School Climate Transformation Specialist, Educational Service District 105