Bridge Conference 2024

Moments to Movements | November 4 & 5

School’s Out Washington’s annual Bridge Conference is a two-day convening focused on exploring, celebrating, and influencing our collective field(s) through solidarity and unified learning.

Moments to Movements

Transformation lies at the core of our shared mission as youth providers. We are all committed to nurturing and facilitating opportunities that pave the way for significant moments of change for young people and the communities we serve. Acknowledging the profound impact of these pivotal moments, this year’s Bridge Conference theme, “Moments to Movements” encourages us to explore the transformative power embedded in these experiences.  

At this year’s conference we will center:  

  • Community Building: Our conference emphasizes fostering a supportive community within the youth development field through networking and collaborative sessions. 
  • Collective Action: We’re dedicated to promoting collective action and collaboration among stakeholders to drive positive change and advancement. 
  • Advocating for Legislative Change: By mobilizing efforts to influence policy, we aim to create a more supportive and equitable environment for youth development initiatives. 
  • Skills & Resources Empowerment: Attendees will gain essential skills and resources to support youth effectively, through workshops and resource-sharing platforms. 

Location: Greater Tacoma Convention Center and  Marriott Tacoma Downtown
Dates: November 4 and 5, 2024

Join us as we navigate the intricate interplay between individual experiences, collective movements, and the overarching landscape of youth development. Together we will uncover strategies to cultivate, amplify, and harness these moments to catalyze a ripple effect of positive change