Wenas Mammoth Foundation—bringing earth science to life in Central Washington

What if we told you that Mammoths roamed Washington 16,000 years ago? What if we told you that you and your family could see it for yourself? The Wenas Mammoth Foundation (WMF) prides themselves on doing just that. Since 2005 the organization has welcomed the community, from archaeologists to kindergartners, … [ ]

Best starts and best practices—how 2020 highlighted the importance of out-of-school time

In February 2020, the Best Starts for Kids Out-of-School Time Initiative (BSK OST) was heading into its final year of implementation. Then COVID hit, and communities across King County (and the world) were left scrambling to support each other through unimaginable challenges. Youth development workers navigated alarming funding cuts, rapidly … [ ]

In their own words—coach Lynda’s spotlight on Centro Rendu

Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) providers and school district personnel agree that they are Zoom fatigued, depressed, and no longer motivated to join any kind of virtual learning. Like them, Maricela Rodriguez, a Centro Rendu staff member, has been thinking of strategies to engage her young people to attend their Zoom … [ ]

King County Best Starts for Kids quality out-of-school time initiative extended for fourth year

The Out-of-School Time Initiative, a part of King County Best Starts for Kids, began in 2018 and was slated to provide youth program providers with funding and quality improvement support through 2020. The initiative is designed to increase access to high quality and culturally relevant summer and afterschool programming for elementary and middle school youth. In total, $8.3 million was distributed to 12 People-of-Color-Led … [ ]

“Your impact, especially in a time like this, is magnified”

Staff at the Birch Creek youth center knew that summer programming during a pandemic would be different, but they didn’t know how different. On the first day of program, out of the 30 youth signed up, only one attended.  As they tried to address the barriers, they kept finding new ones. Kids … [ ]