Grant Writing and Management Tools, Tips, and Resources

The following toolkits and resources support the process of planning for grants, writing grants, and managing grant opportunities.

Consultants to Support Grant Writing

A directory of consultants who offer grant writing along with other services to support fundraising, project management, and organizational capacity building. The directory includes information on the consultant’s race, ethnicity, lived experiences, languages spoken, area of the state where they live or have experience working, and types of services offered.

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Grant Accounting Toolkit

An introduction to grant accounting for nonprofit organizations with key insights into how to track and report grant expenditures.

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Grant Management 101 Toolkit

Best practices and strategies for the management of funded grant awards throughout the Funding Cycle.

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Grant Planning to Meet Deadlines

A resource with tips and a sample work plan to manage the different steps and processes to successfully meet grant deadlines.

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Sample Logic Model

A tool to help define the activities, outputs, outcomes, and resources in planning for a program or initiative.

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Project Planning Template

Planning tool with question prompts to help address the different components in program design that can often help in developing a grant proposal.

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Common Grant Questions

List of questions frequently asked in grant applications to use in creating content that can be modified for a specific funding opportunity.

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Common Supporting Documents for Grants

List of documents often requested in grant applications. When these documents are compiled in advance, it can help to build capacity for the organization’s overall grant management systems.

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Grant Writing Tips

List of tips to support the grant writing process.

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Sample Operating and Program Budget Templates

Sample budget template for operating or program budgets.

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Sample Grants Calendar

Template for tracking grant opportunities, deadlines, and other key information.

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Preparing for Grant Reports

Tips on how to prepare for grant reports from the beginning of a funding period to minimize stress and complications when reports are due.

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Resources to Support Grant Writing

Organizations and resources focused on building the capacity of nonprofits related to fundraising and other areas of operations.

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