2021 Bridge Conference

For our second virtual conference, we will come together to celebrate, influence, and learn in community with the expanded learning field on October 26-29, 2021. Join us for a Systems Leaders Pre-Conference, inspiring keynote speakers, up to 28 workshops to choose from, and unique opportunities to connect with your peers … [ ]

Reflections on Bridge

We did it! 394 individuals virtually gathered over four days to grow, strategize, nourish, and ultimately work to create sustainable impact for our field.   Planning this year was tough, not knowing what folks would need or want in the middle of a pandemic, while also navigating the fight for Black lives and the buildup of fear around the upcoming election. There were so many unknowns we … [ ]

Planting seeds in the shadow of hope

“This is the shadow of hope. Knowing that we may never see the realization of our dreams, and yet still showing up.” – Austin Channing Brown We often talk about change as moving from one state to another. You are one way. You do something or something happens, and then you’re in a new state. … [ ]


What is belonging and why do we often feel so far from it? Why are we telling ourselves that we don’t belong or that we are not wanted in a space when there is no evidence that that is remotely the case? Feeling alone in a room full of people is one of the … [ ]

Introducing Bridge closing keynote speaker Shontina Vernon

Young people play a critical role in shaping the world and fostering positive change in society. This means young people using their voice and agency to contribute to shape the narrative of what is just. Our closing keynote speaker at this year’s Bridge Conference understands this well.  Through her own … [ ]

Introducing Bridge keynote speaker Dr. Megan Ming Francis

This has truly been a year like no other, with the devastation and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic and the mass racial uprisings that make it inevitable for the country to reckon with centuries of systemic oppression. We are, in many ways, at a crossroads. It is a critical time. A … [ ]