TAM educators discuss what accessible art means to them and their community

The Tacoma Art Museum (TAM)’ s mission is to “transform our communities by sharing art that inspires broader perspectives and cultivates a compassionate future.” TAM aligns with their mission for both young people and their families through after school and community-centered programs. A group of Museum Educators share their stories from the community and their passion for accessible art for all.

Coyote and the expansion of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration

The ability to express oneself as a young person is a valuable tool for growth and healing. Coyote’s mission is to, “spark creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their futures.” Jess  Schwab, Communications Director at Coyote, and Alex Peterson, Program & Engagement Manager, shared their insight into the organization’s impact so far and the exciting future ahead.  Can you expand on the organization’s vision of “An equitable world powered by curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.” How does that play out in Coyote’s approach to programming and community engagement? Coyote’s model is unique in Seattle … [ ]

Community conversation with Cornelius Cambronero of Totem Star

Tran Tonnu, SOWA Marketing Manager, sat down with Cornelius Cambronero (also known by his artist name Kid Cobb or Cobb) as the Program Assistant Coordinator at Totem Star. The organization is committed to supporting a diverse community of young recording artists learning music and life skills through mentorship and meaningful relationships. In this interview, Cobb shares how he was introduced to Totem Star in high school 7 years ago and started his journey of being a musician. During this time he has fostered a community that has supported him in both his artist and life journey. He also shares his … [ ]

ADEFUA Cultural Education Workshop’s is uniting communities of Rainier Valley through the power of arts and culture

Southeast Seattle, especially the Rainier Valley area, is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the country. With a population of 84,000, Rainier Valley comprises 40 different ethnic groups and 59 languages. Located at the Rainier Arts Center in the heart of it all is ADEFUA Cultural Education Workshop (ACEW).  ACEW’s mission is to create, expand, and offer options for youth to enhance growth, personal development, and academic success through the study of African culture, music, and dance. The organization is known for building education pathways for youth and families for the past 27 years. ACEW runs four key … [ ]

Creativity, imagination and diversity in North Seattle

Wedgwood Drama Studio blossomed out of a need for a creative, uplifting space for dramatic learning and expression in North Seattle. Founder and Director, Christi Cruz, calls it home. A seasoned actor, proud mom of three and Wedgwood resident, Christi founded her business in 2008. Since then, Wedgwood Drama Studio has been a place where youth can have, “a safe and supportive environment to practice the skills drama engages [that are] vital to a young person’s growth and education in the classroom and beyond.” “For me, it’s always about the process and not the product,” said Cruz, “We want them … [ ]