Students get an up close look into the judicial system

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Originally created for teachers, Judges in the Classroom is now open to youth development programs. Created by The Washington Courts, Case Method Institute, and Harvard Business School Professor David Moss this program provides up-to-date, free, curriculum-aligned, K-12 lesson plans for judges to present at your site any time during the year (currently through Zoom). The lessons are interactive and provide students with a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the legal and judicial systems as well as the basic concept of fairness. Lesson plans and supporting materials are free and are easily accessible to download. 

High-quality civic education is crucial in equipping youth with the knowledge necessary for meaningful community engagement—and creates a bridge between classroom learning and real life. Expanded learning opportunity programs have the flexibility to engage young people in hands-on, experiential learning. The Judges in the Classroom curriculum is intended to initiate active discussions between students, simulate courtroom situations, and create opportunities for role-playing. Students are challenged to use critical thinking to analyze and discuss cases. For more information on this program check out this flyer or click here to request a judge for your site.