Path & Purpose—Foundation For Youth Resiliency & Engagement

In our 2021 Annual Report, Path & Purpose, we explore how through shared vision and purpose, connection, community, and persistence, our partners are creating equitable pathways for thriving youth across this beautiful state. Read the full report here.

Foundation For Youth Resiliency & Engagement (FYRE)’s mission is “to advocate for equitable opportunities that allow all youth to thrive.” 

FYRE is located in Omak, a rural and under-resourced community in north-central Washington. Its residents are very diverse due to the local agricultural industry and much of their county being located on the reservation of the Colville Confederated Tribes. Before FYRE opened their doors in 2021, there was not a direct service youth center in the county.  

More than just a safe place to do homework and socialize after school, FYRE offers educational advocacy, increasing accessibility to whole-person health services, referrals, and resources to youth experiencing homelessness, support to teen parents, and more. 

In the 19 months FYRE has been open, they have served over 600 young people across their entire county, the majority being BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+. Some young people travel over an hour on the bus to receive FYRE services. Staff also offer to pick up youth, so their services are accessible to those who want to participate.  

“(We saw the impact of our work) several months ago, when young people started bringing friends. We work fast to make strides and try not to be caseworkers… We’ve been called Aunties. FYRE is where youth turn in times of crisis and it’s an honor to be there (for them) at that time,” said Co-Executive Director Mady Sandoval.