Path & Purpose—Foundation for Academic Endeavors

In our 2021 Annual Report, Path & Purpose, we explore how through shared vision and purpose, connection, community, and persistence, our partners are creating equitable pathways for thriving youth across this beautiful state. Read the full report here.

The Foundation for Academic Endeavors (FAE) is located in the Skagit Valley. Many kids in FAE’s programs are from low-income and Latinx families; many are English language learners. The organization offers continuous opportunities for youth and families to participate in their work. Tutoring, summer learning, and much more is available for youth in preschool to 8th grade; older youth are welcomed back as volunteers.   

Photo by Alexandra Wolfson

FAE also offers college fellowships to first-generation students interested in social services. They pair the fellow with mentors that support them through their education journey.  And parents are supported in continuing and achieving their education goals.  

“We are a holistic organization. With us the whole family is served,” said Carol Rodin, co-executive director. 

“We try not to homogenize the community that we serve. Everyone carries unique experiences and values. Our work is joyful and welcoming because we center those experiences in decision making from curriculum to workshops. We start with (our community) at the center,” said Dania Jaramillo, co-executive director.