The Partnership Resource Library supports Mastery Based Learning Cohort (MBLC) schools in their partnership with community-based and expanded learning programs. 

In partnership with Youth Development Executive of King County (YDEKC), SOWA assembled and built the following tools to strengthen partnership design and implementation and the development of authentic cross-sector relationships.  

Tip Sheet: Developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Provides an overview, checklist, and a sample MOU

Tip Sheet: Planning Equitable Collaboration Meetings  
Summarizes several practical approaches to promoting greater equity in collaborative
meetings across sectors

Shared Decision-Making Planning Tool
Specifies the roles of different parties in making decisions about the partnership

School-Community Partnership Design & Planning Tool
Provides guidance on designing a partnership between a school and a community-based organization, building a shared
understanding of the program and services, and outlines roles and responsibilities

Sample Visioning Process for Partnerships
Sample process adapted from the University of Wisconsin Extension’s “Overview of Vision and the Visioning Process”

School Partner Programs Inventory
A grid tool for making an inventory of existing programs and partners within your school

Partnership Type Reflection Tool
A tool to help you reflect on what type(s) of partnership you have and decide how to move forward

Partnership Meeting Topics & Sample Agenda
A tool to support continuous communication and engagement between partners

Partnership Ecosystem Mapping Template & Example
A tool to help identify the people and organizations who are already connected to your school, and identify people and organizations in your broader community who support young people and families that you don’t yet have relationships with

Cultivating Belonging in Schools for Staff & Community Partners 
Reflection from a longtime youth development professional