Remote Work and the Mycelium Network

In this blog post from 2021, YDEKC’s Executive Director compares the network of people in youth development to a mycelium network.

Tip Sheet: Collecting Demographic Data

This tip sheet summarizes basic principles related to the collection of demographic data by program providers. Provides guidance on what information should be collected, for what purpose, and in what manner.

Evaluation Timeline Worksheet

This tip sheet provides guidance on creating good questions for interviews and focus groups. Includes information on pitfalls to avoid.

Logic Model Checklist

Does your program have a logic model that maps inputs and activities to your short- and long-term outcomes? Was your logic model developed collaboratively with program stakeholders, and does it reflect your program or organization’s equity vision? This brief checklist can help you assess your program’s readiness for further evaluation activities.

Logic Model Template

Use this one-page template to create a logic model for your program or service. This resource is part of YDEKC’s Measurement Toolkit. This template is adapted from a template created by the Program Development and Evaluation Unit at the University of Wisconsin – Extension.