A conversation at Bridge Conference for systems leaders working to forge brighter futures for Washington’s youth

Join SOWA and other system thinkers, local, state, and regional leaders, funders, and policymakers for a Systems Leaders Convening at the Bridge Conference on Tuesday, November 7th. This invite-only session will center conversations with leaders as we dive deeper into the importance of youth development intersections and our collective work to strengthen youth development and expanded learnings ecosystems.

We invite you to participate in Day 2 of the Bridge Conference, which will include a lunchtime plenary featuring some of Washington State’s own powerhouse local and national leaders working to mobilize the youth development sector to more profoundly create the conditions for youth to thrive, as well as the following two invite-only sessions for systems leaders:

Tue, NOV 7
Morning Systems Plenary: Intersections
9:00 – 10:30 AM
In the eco-system of youth development, there are powerful and obvious connections to K-12, Higher Education, and Childcare, but the intersections do not end there. At some point, along the journey of a young person’s life, there will be a direct point of intersection in spaces not so visible as the ones mentioned above.  We will talk with local, county, state and national agencies in Housing, Foster Care and Mental Health that align as an eco-system in these critical touchpoints to center around children and youth in an authentic and intentional way.

Tue, NOV 7
Closing Systems Session & Reception
2:30-4:30 PM
Youth Development work across the nation continues to play a crucial role in forging brighter futures for young people.  This closing session facilitated by Melanie Cunningham will provide systems leaders with an opportunity to connect, reflect, share, and learn about action steps to deepen the impact and vitality of the youth development ecosystem.

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Registration is $600 for the 2-day conference or $375 for 1 day

Systems track invitation for Bridge 2023