One woman’s journey to connection, impact, and service 

Mila Doroshchuk, the Program Coordinator with B5, a current School’s Out Washington (SOWA) Refugee School Impact Program (RSIP) grantee is leading the organization’s Ukrainian After School Program. Immigrating to the United States at six, Mila still remembers how intimidating it felt to be in a new country. Born in a village in the Ukraine, Mila lived with her parents and six siblings. Her life would change forever when her parents announced they were moving to the US. “I had just turned six, so I hadn’t even gone to school yet. I was always only with my mom,” said Mila. Stuffing … [ ]

SOWA grantees partner to empower families in and out of school  

School’s Out Washington (SOWA), an intermediary youth development organization, supports direct service youth providers in many ways. One of SOWA’s primary programs is granting funds to providers across Washington State. Some funds are specifically issued to Washington’s Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance, which contracts with SOWA to administer the Refugee School Impact Program (RSIP). There are two RSIP program goals: to ensure refugee students’ academic support and successful school integration and to strengthen the skills, knowledge, and competence of parents, schools, and community-based organizations to support refugee students.  An organization can have the best intentions and the most robust … [ ]

For Bridging Cultural Gaps, coding is only the start of the journey

Looking at the Expedia headquarters, one word came to mind: stark. Expedia’s vast green fields contrasted with the vast amounts of glass and steel that made up the building. Students in Bridging Cultural Gaps’ Hidden Genius program aren’t here to study architecture and spacing, though – they’re here to learn more about what Expedia is and what it has to do with coding.  For Bridging Cultural Gaps program manager Abdi Haro, he hopes the students can connect the dots between this field trip and the real world. In an interview after the trip, Abdi said the benefit of the trip … [ ]