Vamos Outdoors Project is creating space for belonging

Whatcom and Skagit counties are known for their rich agriculture and breathtaking views of the North Cascades. However, access to its dense nature is often limited to those with the means to get outside. Starting in 2018, the  Vamos Outdoors Project began their mission of “building community through connection to the land and access to the outdoors.” What, on the surface, appears to be a traditional sports program is also deeply committed to addressing the mental health and resource needs of migrant youth and their families.  “All the programs, outdoor and in the classroom, are working towards the goal of … [ ]

What does it mean to be of a place?

Washington is renowned for its natural beauty, from the stoic Cascades and the stillness of the Hoh Rain Forest to the roaring Columbia River. CultureSeed nurtures a sense of belonging for youth in southwestern Washington amongst the beauty and vastness of the surrounding nature. Their mission is to “provide year-round connection to nature, self, and others, for our underserved* youth and communities to thrive.”  The organization is located in the rural town of White Salmon where the population is less than 3,000. CultureSeed is committed to long-term relationship building with the youth in their community.  Their cohorts are groups of … [ ]