Checklist of Partnership Elements

A thriving school-community partnership ecosystem has several key elements: shared vision and leadership; aligned, responsive implementation; and shared accountability for success. This one-page checklist defines these elements in more detail. 

Communication Strategy Guiding Questions

Different audiences may be more or less important at different times. Use these guiding questions to help you further develop a communication strategy around a particular high-priority audience.

Creating a Partnership Communication Strategy

Use this tool to think about the various audiences in your partnership work, and about their information needs. You can then map out a communication strategy for the year.

Data to Practice Protocol for Partnerships

This guide is designed to help schools and community partners debrief data together, and make plans for improvement. It includes both guiding questions, and prompts for discussion.

Elements of Equitable Partnerships (Graphic)

This graphic illustrates how Leadership & Coordination, Shared Vision, Implementation, and Mutual Accountability merge into synergy that leads to changes in school climate and environment; practice, policy, & system changes; and ultimately, improved whole child outcomes. For ideas on what practices support these partnerships, check out this Shared Vision & Leadership Checklist; Aligned, Responsive Implementation Checklist; and Shared Accountability Checklist.