Refugee School Impact Program—Full Resource List

School’s Out Washington has worked to provide a set of resources specific to Refugee School Impact Project (RSIP) outcomes. Resources include print, media, and web-based materials…

English Language Learners and Language of Mathematics Manual

This manual, developed by the Committee on the Language of Mathematics for English Language Learners (ELL) and funded by the Refugee School Impact…

Parent Handbook

This colorful handbook for parents and students of Tukwila School District was created by the International Rescue Committee of Seattle. With clear pictures, fun…

Cultural Profiles

These cultural profiles were created by the Non-Profit Assistance Center for Refugee School Impact. The purpose of these 19 refugee profiles is to inform and educate readers regarding the culture, history, geopolitical context, situation of displacement, and common education/literacy levels of refugees from each country. The purpose of this project … [ ]

Memories & Dreams

Memories and Dreams, created by Merit Partners for Refugee School Impact, is a manual aimed at helping refugee students and their families bridge the gap between past and present. At the same time, this manual is geared to help students fulfill two of their Washington State graduation requirements: the Culminating … [ ]

A Resource to Support Youth with School and Cultural Adjustment

A resource document intended to help educators and program providers orientate students to the U.S. school system and support their cultural adjustment, offering multiple resources for each topic area. (12 pages)