Vaccine information for youth development professionals

Youth Development (Expanded Learning, Child Care, Mentoring, Wrap-Around) Tools for Vaccines

COVID-related infections and hospitalizations have increased across the state and country. In order to keep children, youth, and those that work with them safe; Governor Inslee has signed an Executive Order mandating all K12, child care, early learning, higher education, and youth development employees be fully vaccinated or obtain a medical or religious exemption from their employer by October 18th. This impacts all programs and their employees working directly with children and youth, more information here and here.

The Youth Development Strategy Table is working with the Governor’s Office and other state agencies to make sure that we have timely and useful information on how youth development programs show vaccine status to districts and other entities, can work with schools to handle outbreaks and other issues, and to help with the piling challenges related to hiring that are being felt across the youth development field. 

The following is a set of information and tools to help educate staff, children, youth, and families on the vaccine, tools to help track employee vaccine status, and other COVID-related information. Please note is that anyone interfacing with children and youth in-person should be considered “staff” for the purposes of the vaccine mandate. This includes paid staff, volunteers, and contractors in the same room or building with children and youth. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to David Beard at Thanks for all you do every day to support our children and youth and keep them happy and healthy.  

Vaccine FAQ

Options for Vaccine Tracking and Handling Vaccine Exemptions