Organizational Capacity Building Toolkits

The following toolkits offer tips, tools, and resources focused on a variety of capacity building topics to strengthen organizations, including grant writing and grant management, accounting practices, project management, technology solutions, and more.

Mission, Vision, Values

Practical guidance on creating a Mission, Vision, and Values for organizations.

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Fundraising 101

An overview of strategies to help organizations become self-sustaining, build capacity, and improve and expand programs.

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Internal Controls and Procedures 101 for Nonprofits

An overview of best practices related to the management of grant funds and strategies for creating an internal control process for organizations with limited and/or volunteer staffing.

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Basic Nonprofit Policies and Procedures Including Best Practices for Grant Compliance

An overview of key policies and procedures related to organizational and resource management.

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An overview of different types of budgets for grants, such as cost reimbursable, or deliverable/milestone based along with budgeting tools.

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