Maria Pia Johnson Barreto


Learning & Design Manager

Maria Pia creates and reimagines authentic collaborative spaces that explore the "What, Why and How" of learning experiences.

Maria Pia is an orgullosa (proud) first generation immigrant to the United States. She is cross-cultural and multilingual and recently started learning Quechua as a way to reconnect with her ancestral Sumaq Allpa. Maria Pia has worked with teams in different countries as a researcher, educator, school principal, trainer, and coach. She is committed to the decolonization of learning experiences y busca romper esquemas y moldes (breaking schemes and molds). Pia has spent the last ten years collaborating, designing, facilitating, and leading the development of culturally attuned curricula in education. She centers relationship y la voz de la comunidad (community voice) and is committed to making learning opportunities accessible to all.