Training of Trainers—Career Connected Learning & Designing Culturally Responsible Programming

School’s Out Washington (SOWA) in collaboration with community and Million Girls Moonshot developed two live trainings to support pathways and access for girls of color in STEAM through tangible resources and trainings for youth development professionals.  Career Connected Learning: STEAM prominently exist in every community and culture – this training is designed to help widen our lens, resources, and project management skills to support developing Career Connected Learning opportunities for under resourced youth. The purpose of this training is to gain thoughtful strategies and techniques for embedding a decolonized approach to career connected learning projects, programming, and events. Designing Culturally … [ ]

Persistence and growth-mindset—how staff and youth alike at Filipino Community of Seattle are adapting to a new normal

What does it mean to fail? What needs to be renegotiated in how we talk about success and challenge? If youth workers strive to foster growth mindset in the young people they work with, what does it mean to extend that kind of grace to ourselves, to remain tenacious as adults? The coronavirus pandemic has provided seemingly endless creative opportunities to do things differently. Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) demonstrates remarkable agility and unwavering commitment to their mission, even when things don’t go according to plan. Given that their youth programming is anchored in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), it makes sense that … [ ]

WAPI Community Services uses hip hop to keep kids safe in summer

The kids file out of the van and into WAPI Community Services’ Federal Way studio. They’ve just arrived from the Seola Gardens site of Neighborhood House, which, like WAPI, is a cohort member of the Best Starts for Kids Out-of-School Time initiative. They sit down in front of iPads, drum pads, and production-quality headphones that absolutely dwarf the middle schoolers, and are barely able to contain their excitement. They’ve here to learn hip hop music production, and within 15 minutes they’re engrossed in the creation of their songs. “Mr. Karrie, listen to this,” they excitedly shout, trying to get WAPI’s Prevention Coordinator and Lead … [ ]