Housing & Expanded Learning Opportunities Toolkit

The Housing & Expanded Learning Opportunities toolkit is a guide for the housing sector (public, nonprofit, and/or private entities) to consider how to bring programs or create programs for their youth residents. It includes recommendations, anecdotal examples, models, templates, and serves as a primer to learn about the afterschool and youth development field.  This toolkit was brought to you by the HELO Network—a network composed of youth development and housing professionals from King County, Washington. Their mission is to close opportunity gaps through aligned systems and partnerships between Housing and Expanded Learning Opportunities that focus on accessible, high quality experiences … [ ]

Community Chat with Open Doors for Multicultural Families

How can organizations meaningfully support youth with disabilities? How does program accessibility promote inclusion? How can we ensure that we’re building relationships with youth and families that are affirming and empowering? Mahado Abdi, Safio Abdi, and Reehana Neesha join SOWA for a conversation about how they approach program design, and how they’ve adapted to COVID-19.Like what you heard? Want to learn more? Check out their website or find them on Facebook.