Grantee Financial Monitoring—Request for Qualifications

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Deadline for Submission: July 16, 2024

School’s Out Washington (SOWA) is seeking a consultant to support the financial review and contract monitoring of the 55 grantees participating in our King County Best Starts for Kids funded Expanded Learning Opportunities Initiative.

Organizational Overview

SOWA works to advance equitable outcomes for youth through a well-supported, equitable, and high-quality expanded learning ecosystem. SOWA is dedicated to building community systems to support quality afterschool, youth development, and summer programs for Washington’s children and youth ages 5 through young adult, and especially for BIPOC youth and youth in poverty. We support these programs through: (1) Quality and Training; (2) Policy and Advocacy; (3) Grants to Programs; and (4) Systems Leadership. A commitment to racial equity and social justice underlies all our work.

Scope of Work

SOWA funds 55 community-based youth development organizations in King County through the King County Best Starts for Kids Expanded Learning Initiative. Twice a year these organizations submit financial reports to us, and once a year we conduct monitoring of their financial/contract compliance. We are seeking a consultant to help with review of the financial reports and contract monitoring.

Specific activities include:

Semi-annual Financial Reports (55 organizations representing 61 contracts, twice/year)

  • Review organizations’ budget to actual and explanations for variances
  • Note insufficient explanations and/or insufficient line-item details
  • Confirm accuracy of calculations
  • Note key metrics
  • Communicate with SOWA staff as needed regarding financial reports

Annual Contract Monitoring (55 organizations representing 61 contracts, once/year)

  • Review organizations’ responses regarding their financial management policies, internal controls, staff allocation process, and expense approval process. Note any missing policies or any areas of concern.
  • Review organizations’ Single Audit and Financial Audits. Note any findings or areas of concern and potential implications for the SOWA-funded program.
  • Review grantees’ budget to actuals and explanations for variances. Note variances without sufficient explanations.
  • Review grantees’ financial report and note areas of concern.
  • Select expenses for further review. After grantees submit supporting documentation, review documentation and note any areas of concern.
  • Prepare reports with an assessment of the organizations’ financial management and documents reviewed.
  • If applicable, prepare a report with areas of concern and follow-up questions related to the financial review. Review grantees’ responses and make recommendations to SOWA regarding additional follow-up that is needed.
  • Communicate with SOWA staff as needed regarding contract monitoring.

High-Level Timeline: August 2024 to June 2025

Late July 2024–September 2024Semi-annual financial review of 55 organizations (see above for details)
November 2024–January 2025Contract Monitoring review of 32 organizations (see above for details
Late January 2025–Mid-March 2025Semi-annual financial review of 55 organizations (see above for details)
April 2025–June 2025Contract Monitoring review of 29 organizations (see above for details)

Required Qualifications:

  • Deep understanding of non-profit financial statements
  • Experience working with community-based organizations and municipalities of various sizes and stages of organization development
  • Demonstrated understanding of and respect for differences between community-based organizations ranging from small 1-2 person grassroots organizations to large established multi-region non-profits and municipalities
  • Experience and knowledge around regulatory requirements of government funding
  • Strong understanding of structural and institutional racism and awareness of power dynamics
  • Demonstrated ability to translate technical financial information into terms understandable by non-financial professionals
  • Excellent project and time management skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Experience completing similar projects strongly preferred

Total cost for the project will not exceed $40,000.

Interested individuals should provide a written response in no more than 3 pages which includes:

  1. Organization/Lead Consultant Background
    Describe the general nature of the organization and/or lead consultant’s work. Provide information on the education, skills, and experiences that uniquely qualify the lead consultant and/or team for this work. Provide examples of related work completed with contact information for the organizations served.
  2. Statement of Proposed Work
    Describe the methodologies proposed to complete the financial report review and the contract monitoring reviews.
  3. Budget, Timeline, and Deliverables
    Provide a detailed budget as well as a description of the specific deliverables that will be submitted, the timeline, and expected schedule of compensation.

Email response to Liz Director ( no later than Friday, July 16, 2024 at 5:00 PM.