Technical assistance will be offered to support organizations in determining eligibility for the 2022 Summer Program Fund, and in completing their applications. 

Support can be accessed from November 5 to December 3, 2021.  

Individual consultation sessions 

Organizations may sign up for a half-hour phone or video consultation session with SOWA’s technical assistance provider, Danielle Baer, who is contracted by SOWA to assist with the following types of support:

  • Understanding eligibility and funding requirements
  • Assessing whether a proposed program is a good fit with the 2022 Summer Program Fund priorities
  • Describing a proposed program and how it addresses the focus areas for the 2022 Summer Program Fund
  • Providing guidance and feedback in responding to the narrative questions. Please note that technical assistance providers will not write any narrative for applicants

Technical assistance will be provided on a first come, first served basis for a limited number of available sessions. 

Sign up here for a consultation session

Small Business Resiliency Network resources

Technical assistance will also be available through the Small Business Resiliency Network. The Washington State Department of Commerce partners with this diverse network of trusted organizations to provide culturally relevant assistance to small businesses and nonprofit organizations, especially those that need support in different languages. 

View/download the list of technical assistance organizations and contact information for the Small Business Resiliency Network.