School's Out Washington provides services and guidance for organizations to ensure that all young people have safe places to learn and grow when not in school

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What Can You Do to End Structural Racism?

School's Out is addressing structural racism with free workshops funded by the City of Seattle, but what can you do? We've collected articles and videos to help and inform you.

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Take the School-Age Initial Training Requirement Online

School’s Out Washington offers an affordable, quality online training program to fulfill your 20-hour STARS credit requirement for professionals working in Department of Early Learning (DEL) licensed school-age programs.

We have partnered with the National Afterschool Association and Child Care Aware to offer the latest in training for afterschool and youth development professionals in Washington State. These online courses can be taken on your own time wherever you have internet access.

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How Well Do Parents Know Your Program?

"Studies show that when families connect with their child’s after-school program, the child’s academics and social and emotional health improve. The organizations benefit, too, which then lifts local communities and schools."

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