School's Out Washington provides services and guidance for organizations to ensure that all young people have safe places to learn and grow when not in school

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Easing the Transition to Common Core in WA Schools.

More than a million children in Washington are back in school, and students, teachers and parents are all adjusting to the new Common Core learning standards for English and math.

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Parent Map's After-School Special Series: Kids & Quality Programs

Parent Map, a King County area print and online media source providing trusted, innovative, and award-winning editorial content to parents, published the first in a 9-month series of articles focused on quality afterschool programs. The After-School Special series is funded by a grant in partnership with the Raikes Foundation and School's Out Washington. The series will explore how the Quality Standards are impacting the quality of afterschool programs across the state and help inform parents of the importance of quality in supporting their children during the out-of-school time hours.

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Opportunity for Pierce County Programs: Join the Youth Program Quality Initiative before September 19th

School’s Out Washington and the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation are partnering to once again bring the Youth Program Quality Initiative to programs in Pierce County. The YPQI strengthens youth-serving organizations through assessment, data-driven improvement planning, peer learning, and intensive staff training. This is a great opportunity! Applications are due September 19, 2014.

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